When You Just Want It Fixed…Leave IT to us!

Tired of being put on hold and waiting…forever?Sick of dealing with half-a-dozen hardware and software vendors? Frustrated with the “blame game” between the vendors? “It’s not our software; it’s their hardware…” Yep, you know the game. Partner with u networks and we’ll take all this vendor nonsense off your shoulders, deal with your vendors for you, get you the best deals, and deliver IT that works. We will be your one point of contact for everything technology related. It just makes sense. You don’t have time to waste sitting on the phone, and we already have existing relationships with the IT vendors. We sell their product – they answer our calls! We can source and negotiate better deals for you.


How Does Vendor Mangement Help Your Business?

The challenge with business technology is that it is not one solution from one hardware, software, or service provider. To get the right setup for your business, the best offerings from any number of hardware, software, and service providers are utilized. That means that if you’re doing it alone, you have a lot of different licenses to track, people to call, and warranties to manage. It can be daunting… That’s why you need Vendor Management


Save Time

Whether you are a business owner or an internal IT staffer, your time is limited. Let us free you up from the hassles of dealing with vendors.

Save Money

Because the u networks team has existing relationships with your vendors and does volume work with their organizations, we will leverage our relationships to get you the very best deals.


One Point of Contact

When your IT breaks down, you don’t want to be on the phone with vendor after vendor while they play the blame game. You just want it to work – so you can get back to making money. Let us be your single point of IT contact.

We’ll get to the bottom of any issue quickly and allow you to continue doing your own work.


What Do Our Vendor Management Services Include?

  • Contract Negotiation With Vendors
  • Contacting Vendors on Your Behalf
  • Resolving IT Issues with Vendors
  • Warranty Management
  • License Management

Let us handle your vendors so that you can focus on your business’ goals.


Take the first step. Contact us now at (778) 771-4321 or ask@unetworks.com