Getting to a stable network infrastructure is the first priority of small- to medium-sized businesses. However, when you’re focused on the day-to-day running of your business it can be tough to find the time to be strategic about your networks.

Outsourcing your IT infrastructure management is a way to ensure that your infrastructure is kept secure at all times and that you have the latest technology tools available to your team. At u networks, we take the worry out of managing your networks and let you bring your focus solely back to your business and how you can drive excellence with your teams.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Let us help you see how cloud-based backup protocols and disaster recovery planning will help your business bounce back in the case of an emergency. Planning ahead can make the difference between a slight inconvenience to your staff and customers — and the devastation that can occur when you have to shut down and rebuild your data and infrastructure over a multi-week period of time. If you’re not sure how quickly you could bring your server back online after a loss, then disaster recovery planning may be long overdue.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

IT Partners You Can Trust

Once you begin working with u networks, you will wonder how you ever got by in the past! We cost-effectively work with you to define your critical business needs and execute on each outstanding deliverable. Whether your specific needs are more on the hardware or software side, our friendly technology professionals have the right answers for your difficult questions. We take our client relationships very seriously and are constantly looking for ways that we can add value to our partners. Add to that the fact that we only work with technology partners that have gained our trust over a period of time, and you’ll see why we have a great deal of repeat business from our clients.

Computer Network Security

Timely Implementation and Support

We know that businesses need to turn on a dime and make quick changes to stay competitive, and we will work closely with your teams to ensure that projects are scoped appropriately and follow accepted timelines. When you need support both during and after-hours, we are there for you with our IT managed services to solve both simple and complex challenges that are slowing down your business. One of our best-loved services is our vendor management — we can work directly with your vendors for issue resolution so you have a single point of contact for all your IT services needs.

Whether you need vendor management, printers, and computers for your office, or a complete infrastructure overhaul, u networks provides you with the trusted and cost-effective support that you need to solve all of your tough business challenges. Our proactive and personalized solutions provide you with the efficiencies that you need to maximize productivity and minimize downtime in your business.

Managed IT Services

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