Thinking About Hiring An Outsourced Technology Services Firm For Your Accounting Firm In Abbotsford?

The top priority of any accounting firm should be the provision of quality accounting services. However, many accounting firms make the mistake of hiring employees to handle all their needs in-house. As the owner of an accounting firm, it is essential that you realize that you can’t be an expert when it comes to everything. Undoubtedly, at some point, you will run into a technology issue or task that is far too large or difficult for you to handle. Therefore, you should consider outsourcing technology services from the experts so that you and your employees can have more time and resources to focus on providing top-notch accounting services.

Here are a few of the top questions accounting firms when outsourcing technology services.

1. Do you have experience serving accounting firms?

The first question that you should ask when considering accounting firms IT support is whether the third-party provider has an extensive amount of experience working with accounting firms. A third-party provider that has served many accounting firms in the past will have a better understanding of your goals and challenges. Such a provider will also be well-versed in the technologies that accounting firms tend to use.

2. Will the third-party provider be around for the long-term?

Another question that you should ask yourself when shopping for a provider of accounting firms IT services is whether the provider will be around in the long run. Be sure to ask about the history of the business and the clients they currently serve and have served in the past. Inquire about any details that will boost your confidence in selecting the third-party to provide accounting firms IT services. Ideally, you want to have a strong relationship between you and your third-party provider. Therefore, it is your right to know as much about the third-party provider as possible.

3. What security measures will be taken to protect my data and accounting firm?

Security should be a top concern of every accounting firm. No matter how much experience a third-party IT support provider has with accounting firms, you shouldn’t work with them unless their security measures are top-notch. You should ask whether data transferred via the Internet is subject to encryption. Other questions that you should ask include whether they possess a secure, certified network and what security measures they have on their networks. You should also ask whether the provider keeps or permanently deletes files that are no longer being used.

If you want to receive the best technology services for your money, it’s best that you ask as many questions as possible. Asking the right questions can mean the difference between being satisfied with the IT support services you’re receiving and being disappointed. For more information about outsourcing technology services, don’t hesitate to contact us.