Every company has a unique purpose — a reason to exist and excel in their space. At u networks, our purpose is to ensure that our clients are successful no matter what it takes.

When you need technology support, our professionals will work closely with you to ensure that we’re capturing all of your needs and that we are able to provide you with appropriate solutions quickly and cost effectively.

Key Factors

When business tools slow down and you’re stuck waiting for technical problems to be resolved, it can feel as though productivity is grinding to a halt. We don’t believe in letting things get that far! We believe in providing you with the fast and high-quality service that you deserve every time — so your staff isn’t stuck waiting for functioning equipment to get their job done.

We guarantee that your equipment will perform or we immediately swap out your entire server or workstation for a new one at no cost.

IT Support Surrey

Above and Beyond

We take above and beyond service to a whole new level for our clients, and that goes for every project we are engaged on. If we’re supporting a specific software implementation that you’re having problems with, we will tirelessly follow up with that vendor for a resolution to keep your business on track.

Sure, this costs us hundreds of hours of additional staff time per year, but knowing that we are supporting our clients to the best of our ability is our primary concern.

Managed IT Services in Abbotsford

Upfront Engagement

We don’t take a “wait and see” approach to signing you up, and we certainly will not come back later with “nickel and dime” requests. We like to get all of our cards on the table and be sure that the service levels that you need are what we discuss.

We are always looking for the most cost-effective solutions to your problems, with the full knowledge that the “latest and greatest” isn’t the right solution for everyone. We evaluate each alternative carefully to ensure that we’re matching systems and hardware to the needs of the business and to the people and processes as well.

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Open Communication

Our goal is to reduce “geek speak” and communicate openly with each of our clients in understandable terms that don’t insult your intelligence. Our clients come from a broad range of backgrounds and we pride ourselves on our ability to meet people where they are and help them come alongside to grow their technical knowledge as needed.

We believe in providing the holistic IT services partnership that your business needs from accurate and detailed billing, proactive and world-class customer service to exceptional responsiveness after implementation.

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