Help Desk Support Services

We know that “adequate” just isn’t good enough when it comes to support levels, so we actively look for ways that we can provide each client with over-the-top, proactive support delivered in a helpful and positive way. Our easy to use online support portal is only one of the tools that we use to ensure that your business stays running optimally every day.

We want to make sure that our technicians provide you with the information that you need to solve your problem the first time as often as possible, but we are always driving to quickly resolve every business IT challenge that you encounter.


Online Customer Portal

Our clean and intuitive online customer support portal is your primary interface for all of your support needs. Here you can create a new ticket, check the status of an existing ticket, or even re-open a ticket that has been marked as completed should you have additional concerns. The tools within the portal allow you to take screenshots and add descriptive
information as well as to outline the steps that you were taking when you encountered the problem.

Completely filling out this information helps us resolve your problem without a lot of back-and-forth dialog — so you’re back to work that much more quickly.

Email Support

While our online portal is our preferred method of
communication, if you’re unable to access the portal you may contact us via email to for a new ticket, or respond to a current email string to add information. Please note: it is important that you use a descriptive subject line for your email as that will help us (and you!) keep track of the conversation.

Please do not send a cc: to our email support address, as this can inadvertently cause duplicate support tickets to be created.


Phone Support

When you need immediate assistance or have no access to a computer, call our support line at (604) 744_-0747. We make every effort to respond to during normal business hours, and messages left on our voicemail will be transcribed into our online ticketing system.

While we understand that some of our clients may have direct phone numbers or email addresses for our technicians, we ask that you do not send information to them directly. Text messages, in particular, are difficult to track and forward, and bypassing our ticket tracking system means there’s a chance that your support request may be delayed.

Urgent Support Requests

After-hours support and support for urgent needs that affect multiple users or complete outages should be submitted through our support portal as an urgent request, or press ‘9’ after calling our phone line at (604) 744_-0747. It is important to note that any use of urgent after-hours support that is determined not to be urgent could incur additional charges based on your particular agreement.

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