Our u networks Support Portal link is installed right on your desktop, making it easy for you to quickly log in and submit support tickets which carry all of your pertinent information so we can serve you more effectively.

Sending in a support ticket is as easy as sending an email so your team will have no trouble getting us the information that we need to make your problem disappear.

Proactive Support

We don’t wait until your critical business systems break before we determine a solution; we look for ways to ensure that your systems have the highest levels of uptime possible. This means being proactive in our support — applying patches, looking for potential breaks and actively monitoring your business systems and infrastructure. With our flat-rate support structure, you will know that we’re always on guard against problems that could derail your business.

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Proactive Maintenance and Support

Of course, we know it’s always best if you don’t have to report a problem at all — which is why our proactive maintenance is incredibly important for today’s businesses. We work to keep your systems running at optimal speeds and efficiency and provide active monitoring so we are often aware of situations at lower tolerances than your users would even report and we can adjust. Part of our service includes server and software patching to prevent the intrusion of malware or ransomware into your systems, and these are two of the key reasons for software slowdowns.

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Support Options

While our Support Portal is always the preferred way to report a ticket, you may also send an email or call us if you’re on the road. Send emails to support@unetworks.com and be sure to create an email subject line that describes the problem you’re encountering as this will create a new ticket within our support system. For new information to add to existing tickets, simply reply to the current email thread without editing the subject line.

Phone support is available during normal business hours by calling (604) 744-0747, where you can leave a detailed message if you do not reach us immediately. This information is then transcribed to create a new and traceable ticket in our online Support Portal. We ask that you not send text messages to your technician directly as that can make it difficult to track your problem and ensure timely resolution.

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After-hours and Urgent Support

Problems with your systems and infrastructure do not always occur during normal business hours, and we understand that! To report a serious incident such as a complete email outage or a server that is non-responsive, first attempt to submit an urgent request through our online Support Portal. If you’re unable to access the portal, call us at (604) 744-0747 and press ‘9’ when you receive the after-hours message.

We do everything possible to ensure that you experience exceptional uptime and minimal inconvenience to your business. However, when you do have challenges it is good to know that u networks is only a few clicks away and that our trained and qualified technicians can begin resolving your problem immediately.

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