Security is a primary concern for accounting professionals — anytime clients are trusting you with their important personal and financial information, you need to know that you are limiting your liability by keeping your systems and data safe.

Clients also want to know that they can access their data anytime and anywhere, which means mobile business is a priority, too. Backups are a priority, and u networks can help support all of these initiatives and keep your office highly productive at the same time.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Few things are more frustrating for employees than looking for a file that they knew was “right there”, that now is suddenly missing. Why spin your wheels dealing with this type of problem? We can help you define backup solutions that work for the way you do business — local backups, hybrid or cloud-based — so your team has access to the files they need no matter where in the world they are.

Data backup For Accounting Firms


We work proactively to ensure that you don’t have problems with security. Our managed services include software patches and upgrades on a regular schedule so you’re never without the support that you need to keep your clients’ data secure. We protect you against spam, viruses, and hackers by staying active in the security community, researching and applying best practices to protect your business.

IT Security For Accounting Firms


From personal customer data to industry secrets, you need to know that your networks are secure from the prying eyes of the public. We are security experts and can protect your business data 24/7/365 with active monitoring and spam protection. Malware and viruses can attack even the most secure networks, so if you do experience an outage we will work with you to get back to full working order quickly and without a hassle.

Mobile Device Management

Office 365

Office productivity, file sharing, and collaboration are huge for the financial services sector, and u networks can assist your office manager with getting the most out of this suite of services. Don’t accept productivity slowdowns — we will work with you to ensure that your office keeps running even in the event of a crash or other problems that affect your team’s ability to access their critical customer data and systems.

Microsoft Office 365 For Accountants

Cloud Services

Administering cloud-based applications require a slightly different mindset than traditional on-premise software, and we work closely with your vendors to ensure that you’re getting quick problem resolution and can fully optimize your business. We understand cloud services architecture and can help translate business needs into software requirements that will keep your business moving.

Cloud Computing For Accounting Firms

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