Working with a variety of different markets over the years has given us a lot of flexibility in our thinking and ways of doing business.

Whether you need support for your manufacturing or construction business or a professional services firm such as accounting or investment, u networks is the logical choice that will provide you with peace of mind and the space that you need to make good strategic decisions for your business. Learn how we have helped some businesses excel in the past — and then give us a call and see how we can help you build your future!


Moving parts are a particular specialty of ours. From the ERP software required to keep things moving to the disaster recovery and business continuity planning, you need to ensure that your production lines are never down — we keep businesses on the move. Through our unique combination of IT management and vendor coordination, we will keep your business in productivity mode.


Being a trusted service provider is a huge responsibility, and doubly so when you’re managing the finances of individuals or businesses. We’ve helped accountants with everything from optimizing their technology to suit their workflow to ensuring that all email communication is adequately encrypted and secure. Document management capabilities are also critical for this line of business.


There are any number of large files that come with a construction company, with blueprints and other projects needing a safe and secure digital home. Whether you need to share projects securely with your clients and maintain audit trails of changes, we can help support your needs. Construction projects need to stay on a schedule and knowing that your business continuity processes will keep everything moving even in the event of an emergency can be a huge selling point that construction owners can share with their customers.


Just in time inventory is a term that’s been bandied about for years, but never has it been more important than in today’s tight production and distribution deadlines. From hardware that keeps things going in the right direction to those collaboration tools that keep everything in sync, we can support your heavy-duty distribution needs with ease. Handling communication connections between customers, vendors and your business with cloud-based tools such as Microsoft Office 365 is where u networks excels and truly adds value to your business.

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