When your business success is dependent on productivity and being able to effectively communicate with your customers and vendors, you need to know that your communications and infrastructure is on point at all times.

At u networks, we have helped many businesses in the mechanical industry continue to expand and excel while keeping IT costs under control. From vendor management for all your software needs to ensuring that your front office operations are fully optimized, we are confident that we add significant value to your business. 

Office 365

Staying in constant communication with your suppliers and customers is critically important for your business, and at u networks we are well-versed in working with a range of collaboration and productivity software options. Bringing cloud-based Office 365 into the mix allows us to offer your employees access to the same information and software on the road as they have when they’re in the office. These days, work doesn’t stop when you leave the office — and customers are willing to pay for the kind of always-on enterprise that can answer their questions quickly and efficiently.


Keeping products flowing to your customers is a chain effect that starts with accurate communication with vendors and doesn’t end until your products are in the hands of your final consumers. We have the mobile expertise that will help optimize your value chain and solve the painful distribution issues that may be holding your business down. Keep everyone on your line informed with data — and parts — moving quickly throughout your business processes.

Secure Networks

From personal customer data to industry secrets, you need to know that your networks are secure from the prying eyes of the public. We are security experts, and can protect your business data 24/7/365 with active monitoring and spam protection. Malware and viruses can attack even the most secure networks, so if you do experience an outage we will work with you to get back to full working order quickly and without a hassle.

Cloud Services

Once you determine a price point for a particular part, you need to know that you can continue to expect similar returns. Inefficiencies and cost overruns can eat deeply into your profits — often without you even realizing it. Our cloud-based services can help you limit downtime and drive efficiency and process optimization through flexible and scalable processes that won’t let your business down..

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