Keeping business moving in the 21st century has some challenges that no one expected even 15 years ago. With overnight delivery becoming the norm instead of the exception, knowing exactly where each package is at a precise moment in time is mission-critical for distribution businesses.

Let u networks help fully optimize your distribution business with the ideal solution for your particular business needs. Don’t get stuck with a distribution system that is more than your business can sustain or your people can work with — we can help “right-size” your business technology to keep it lean, flexible and workable.

Inventory Controls

Inventory is money, and knowing where all of your assets are located is crucial when you need to quickly send someone to pick them for shipment.

We can help manage inventory control software vendors by defining business needs, completing or cleaning up implementations and even following up directly with your vendor to ensure that outstanding items are completed in a timely manner. We take pride in offering you a white-glove service that keeps your distribution systems flowing quickly and efficiently.

IT Support For Distrubtion Firms


Knowing where your inventory, packages, and trucks is the first step in providing this vital information to your customers and vendors. Distribution is a minute-by-minute business, and even a small hitch can mean a delivery date slips due to a missed connection. Keep your finger on the full pulse of the business with advanced tracking systems that let you track assets at a detail that would have been difficult only a few years ago.

IT Services

Mobile Communications

Business today is highly mobile, and being able to integrate this pervasive technology into your business not only saves time in the factory but provides a better user experience for your customers as well. However, mobile communications are notoriously lacking in security so our solutions help ensure that everything from BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to onsite WiFi is safe and secure.

Mobile Device Management

Front Office Optimization

Billing, customer portals and collaboration are hot-button topics in nearly every business. A poor front office solution can have a ripple effect throughout the organization, so we work closely with your teams to map business processes to solutions in a way that makes sense for all involved. We bring Office 365 and a wide range of business process solutions to the table, and ensure that we’re selecting the right options for your
particular business.

Microsoft Office 365 Consulting

Backup and Business Continuity

If your team is unable to operate due to an inability to access critical business systems, then you take the chance of losing customers.

Distribution is a tough business, and customers tend to be fickle and ready to look for someone else who can deliver the same products more quickly or more effectively. We look closely at your processes to ensure that your onsite, hybrid or cloud-based backups are highly functional and that you have the business continuity solutions you need in place in the event of a disaster.

Business Continuity For Distribution Firms

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