If you have ever spent time at the end of the day waiting for a tape backup to complete, only to discover later that the information you needed was corrupted or unavailable you will truly value the power of cloud-based backups and business continuity structuring.

Regardless of the size or location of your business, business continuity and disaster recovery are important elements in your business strategy.

Cloud-based or hybrid business continuity strategies provide you with the best of both worlds: local short-term backup for fast recovery of critical files with offsite, redundant backups for true full-system restores as needed. Taking the time to define your business continuity procedures means you and your team are prepared in the event of nearly any emergency — from a natural disaster such as fire or flood to a malware or ransomware attack that would otherwise devastate your systems.

Always-On Networks

Creating a detailed strategy for ensuring availability of your
various systems are part of the benefit of business continuity (BC) planning. Businesses who do not follow the rigorous structure of BC planning may find themselves spending vast amounts of money with consultants simply to get their systems back online after an outage — only to find that they’re still missing critical pieces of data and even systems. With the right plan in place and the means to execute it, you will experience exceptional uptime from your networks and provide your customers with the always-on access that they demand.

Business Continuity and Disaster Planning in Abbotsford

Cloud Backups

Cloud computing relies heavily on hardware-independent virtualization technology, which is engineered to provide quick backups of data, applications and even operating systems to our remote data center. Your important documents and information will upload and download faster, meaning recovery times are cut significantly for any business challenges that you may encounter. The effective architecture of your platforms is crucial to ensuring that we can automate critical processes — allowing them to be switched to a stable backup and still remain operational.

Business Continuity Planning in Vancouver

Effective Partnerships

Two of the industry-leading partners for disaster recovery and business continuity are StorageCraft and Veeam, and we work closely with both of them to ensure that your vital systems are operational. StorageCraft is a powerful and innovative snapshot imaging technology that provides for fast and reliable IT system recovery that is the bedrock for many business continuity structures throughout the world. Veeam’s data center availability is exceptional, and they provide your business with data loss avoidance and high-speed recovery in the event of an incident.

Business continuity goes beyond simple systems mapping, however. A true business continuity solution provides for human resources needs such as where your customer service team will work in the event of a building fire or flood.

Disaster Recovery Planning in Vancouver

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