The other day, we had a call from an accounting firm here in Chilliwack BC. They wanted to know if we could provide the high level of IT support they needed to maintain their network and computers. Of course, this is what we do! Keep reading to find out some of the questions they asked us in the interview process and the answers that we provided.

How Computer Tech Support For Accounting Firms in Chilliwack Helps Overall Operations

Why does every article aimed at accounting firms begin with, “You don’t use paper and pencil to do calculations anymore”?

Of course, you don’t.

You haven’t used paper and pencil since the invention of the computer. What was that…almost forty years ago?

The first accounting software was developed by a South African in 1987.

That wasn’t yesterday.

So, let’s forget the walk down memory lane and jump right to the questions and answers that you need about finding the right computer tech support company for your Chilliwack accounting firm.

What Can a Computer Tech Support Company Do to Help My Accounting Firm?

The recent call from our friends at the Chilliwack accounting office made us think about what we do from their perspective. What do we do that helps their staff meet their clients needs more effectively?

Here was our answer.

  • Cybersecurity – Clients won’t come to you and won’t stay with you if they think that their financial information may not be secure in your systems. Part of having an outside IT support company to care for your IT security is the ability to show your clients that you take their data security seriously.
  • Managed IT Services – Employees don’t want to be beating their heads off the wall trying to do endless updates, upgrades, and patches – just so they can get their computers working well enough to do their jobs. They want to be able to sit down at their desks and get their tasks accomplished without IT hassles or headaches. Managed IT Services is a proactive, comprehensive approach to IT systems management, maintenance, and operational monitoring that provides the “always on” availability that your staff requires.
  • Business Continuity Planning – Business continuity isn’t only about your firm. It’s about your clients. It’s about keeping their files accessible and secure – even in the worst of circumstances. It’s about actively planning and preparing to face a scenario in which you may have to serve your client’s needs from another location using other hardware. It’s about keeping clients happy.
  • Vendor Management – You don’t have to call the support line for your software and hardware very often. But when you do have to make that call – and spend endless amounts of time sitting and waiting on hold – it takes you away from being productive and away from client meetings. Having an IT support professional who has an established relationship with your vendors work for you in purchasing and troubleshooting 3rd party software and hardware just makes sense.

What More Can My Chilliwack Accounting Firm Do With Computer Tech Support?

  • Provide verifiable security documentation to your clients for cybersecurity transparency.
  • Meet industry and legislative data retention and cybersecurity compliance standards.
  • Use your computers, servers, network, and cloud assets without having to think about HOW the technology itself works.
  • Serve your clients more efficiently.
  • Leverage more productivity out of an IT system that is proactively maintained and optimized to the workflow of an accounting office.
  • Budget a predictable monthly payment for all your IT support needs.

Can the u networks Team Support Us As We Grow?

Companies always ask us this question.


Because they want to grow. They’re planning to grow. And they want an IT support team that can take that journey with them.

Of course, the answer is, “Yes! We are set up to move forward with you as your company expands its number of users and IT support requirements.”


Because we leverage IT solutions across our client base, we are able to harness the power of economies of scale and provide reasonable rates while maintaining the capacity to scale with you as you move forward in your success trajectory.

What Is Your Support Process Like For Chilliwack Accounting Firms Like Mine?

Before we get to the Help Desk support process, let us tell you about our proactive support.

We monitor and “tweak” your computer systems ahead of time as we notice potential issues on the horizon. This allows for smoother computing for you and your staff and eliminates many of the Help Desk requests you might otherwise have had to make.

Here is or Help Desk process.

  • Step #1 – Send a help request from the unetworks portal on your desktop, by sending an email, or by giving us a quick phone call.
  • Step #2 – You will receive confirmation that we have received your request and are working on it.
  • Step #3 – The technician that answers your call or receives your message will then either move ahead or contact you to learn any needed additional information about the issue.
  • Step #4 – IT support personnel will be assigned to your issue in relation to the severity of the issue and in accordance with your Service Level Agreement.
  • Step #5 – You will be notified at major milestones of the resolution process – keeping you up to date with the progress we are making.
  • Step #6 – When the issue is resolved you will receive communication stating that we have fixed the problem and have tested the affected system to ensure that it is working properly.

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