As an employer, it’s essential that you understand the responsibility you have when managing your employees’ social media use. How should you regulate the social media activities of your employees? You’ve probably heard this question before – It’s been an issue since social media first became popular. Unsure Of What Social Media Sites Your Staff […]

That Are Costing Your Business Money. Have you fallen prey to these common website mistakes— Ones that will alienate your customers and deplete your revenue? If you tried to save money by constructing your own website, or had it built by someone without the latest knowledge in digital marketing, you’re wasting money, and probably losing […]

The full cost of a data breach can be enormous: Here’s what’s at stake when it comes to hacking.   IT service and security companies always warn their clients about just how bad a data breach could be. However, you need to know more than generalities. It’s time for some specifics about the total potential […]

Are you frustrated by low website conversion numbers? Maybe it’s not your product or service. You may just need to rethink your website.   Even though your website is generating a steady flow of traffic it’s not enough. Did you know that half of all visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website? Fifteen seconds? […]

To stay safe in terms of cyber security, you must separate fact from fiction. Hacking and forms of cyber crime are nothing new. However, one recent study reveals the problem is far more severe than any of us thought. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, almost 178 million personal records were stolen during breaches in […]

 How much do you know about your company’s IT network? What type of cabling system do you use?  When was the last time you upgraded your network cabling? These are questions any business owner should have answers for. However, if you’re like most that consult for, your answers aren’t sufficient.  Your IT network is the […]

As a business owner in Canada, the Internet is crucial to our operations, productivity and success.  How important is the Internet to you? Would you go as far to say that it’s essential for a decent quality of life? Thankfully, the lawmakers in Canada believe it is. Food, shelter, clothes, and a high-speed broadband Internet […]

AirBar for the MacBook Air provides the ability to seamlessly activate touch and gesture functionalities.   Even though it’s a few years old, Apple’s 13″ MacBook Air is still an impressive device. For $999 you get: 128 GB of flash-based storage on a solid-state drive, A 1.8 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of […]

Are you tired of the high cost of using a traditional business phone system? You can save money while still getting the same quality with a VoIP System for your business.   Over half of the homes in the U.S. depend solely on cellphones for phone service. The remaining residences use traditional landlines or the […]