When You Just Want It Fixed…Leave IT to us! Tired of being put on hold and waiting…forever?Sick of dealing with half-a-dozen hardware and software vendors? Frustrated with the “blame game” between the vendors? “It’s not our software; it’s their hardware…” Yep, you know the game. Partner with u networks and we’ll take all this vendor […]

When someone thinks of spam they typically think of unsolicited bulk commercial email they receive in their inbox. However, the concept of spam started a little earlier than you might think. How far back? How does 1864 sound? Spam in 1864 you say? Yes, in the form of a telegraph, advertising a local dentistry actually. […]

Need a fast Windows screenshot? We’ll show you how to do it! Do you need to take a quick Windows screenshot for work or fun, but can’t figure out how to do it? Don’t worry: Our guide will show you just how it’s done. Copy the Screen for Posts Traditionally, the “Print Screen” option is […]

A talented sales team can perform well, but if they harness the power of data they can beat the competition by forming strategies that have the insights of data to back them up. At one time, sales and marketing were two distinct functions in a company. But in the age of digital marketing and Big […]

Every business needs IT solutions of some type in place to compete today. Small businesses that have fewer resources face more challenges in managing their technological needs. Does it make more sense for your company to hire in-house or use a managed IT service?   Every small business needs some kind of technological infrastructure in […]

Microsoft Surface devices and software can help your company succeed: Here’s how. Is your company considering a switch to new computer services or a device upgrade? It’s time to consider the Microsoft Surface lineup. Microsoft Surface device, starting with the Surface hybrid tablet and Surface Pro, have been around for some time, but in the […]

Do you remember the very first Netscape Navigator web browser? It made the internet accessible to everyone. Most of us elder citizens of the web recall the first consumer friendly and freely available browser called Netscape Navigator. Internet users today, could not imagine a time when there was no extensive connectivity, but it was during […]

Considering virtualization or a new server approach? Microsoft’s RDS offering is more valuable than ever! Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), once known as Terminal Services, is the system of virtualization and service management solutions for companies with complex organizations and data needs. While there are other options out there for virtualization, there are plenty of […]

Here are eight highly effective guidelines for better website conversions. When designing buttons — particularly those for landing pages — it’s important to note a few fundamental principles that will boost your click-through rates and make your responses surge. Here are eight highly effective guidelines for better website buttons: Use Contrast in Your Designs: Buttons […]

Malware attack seeks to disable user systems by targeting Microsoft Office vulnerability Microsoft Office users are on edge after being made aware of a new threat that has been targeting fully-patched systems using a zero-day attack. This cyber attack installs malware through an Office vulnerability and can leave user systems damaged or completely disabled. Until […]