Changes to the way certain versions of Outlook connect to the Exchange server have the potential to disrupt email connectivity, and small businesses need to be aware of how these updates could affect their productivity. Microsoft recently announced a shift in the way that Outlook will connect with its Exchange Online server. As of October […]

It seems clear that an experienced MSP can help cut costs for small and medium-sized businesses. Each day, business is inundated with proposals for new technology. Some are great, and you would welcome those into your IT toolbox or company operations, but, some just don’t work as promised. Businesses of all sizes face this problem, […]

Cyber attacks on Canadian businesses have risen an estimated 44 percent since 2014. Is your business protected? The Canadian government is in the final stages of enacting legislation that will require all companies to report incidents related to cyber security breaches immediately. This step is intended to protect citizens’ financial and personal data, which could […]

Cyber attacks are on the rise and there are a number of steps your company can take to reduce risk and mitigate success of an attack. Many experts in the IT industry believe that by 2020 there will be 200 billion devices connected to the internet. Driving this incredible number is the Internet of Things […]

The number of security issues and malware risks that your company must contend with continues to grow every year, but one of the most potentially devastating threats that your business faces is surprisingly low-tech in nature. Spoofed emails don’t rely on complex ransomware or sophisticated keystroke loggers. Instead, your company’s bank account and sensitive information […]

The market for IT contractors in 2017 remains strong if the candidate has the right skill set and the ability to handle the challenges of freelancing. As we move into the first quarter of 2017, the prior year’s trends in the job market for IT contractors toward higher pay and increased demand for specialized skill […]

It’s important to keep in mind today the fact that heartless con artists use social engineering tactics to trick people looking for love. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center warns every year that Scammers use poetry, flowers, and other gifts to reel in victims, the entire time declaring their “undying love.” These hardened criminals – who […]

A look at how HP Business Solutions can supercharge your business HP Business Solutions has always been aware of what companies require for operation, with their response being a product that packs the power of an office in the palm of your hand. The product in question is the HP Elite x3, which packs the […]

Consider implementing multifactor authentication that requires additional information beyond a password to gain entry. Check with your vendors that handle sensitive data, especially financial institutions, to see if they offer multifactor authentication for your account.

A look at the seven predicted partner possibilities for Microsoft in 2017 It’s important to focus your energy on the things that matter the most regarding your business and its technology. However, it can be relatively difficult to prioritize a business on your own. Thankfully, Microsoft commissioned a study (with a panel of industry professionals) […]